scott taylor

Scott Taylor is a visual artist and an authority on 3D printing for art, design and fashion applications.

.Previously he has been an event producer, nightclub owner and was a bartender at the original studio 54.

 His welded steel sculptures utilize universal symbols. Intrigued by their simplicity. Clear, concise and stripped of clutter, universal symbols transcend language, race, age, gender and geography—the simplest form of human communication. “Bike Guy” has been exhibited in McCarran Park, Brooklyn, NY and Governors Island, NY.   “Walk Man” has exhibited in Tompkins Square Park, East Village, NY as part of the NYC Park’s Department’s Temporary Arts Program.

 In partnership with his wife, fashion designer Sylvia Heisel, Taylor creates and consults on temporary interiors, environments, displays and events that combine contemporary design, art, fashion, culture, technology and lifestyle. Past projects have included the “calm up” lounge in a Brooklyn shipping container, a maze of giant balloons for Design Loves Art at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, a 25 person food fight which the participants filmed on their smart phones and the transformation of a NYC residence using only artist’s tape, paint on canvas and magazine pages.

 He teaches after-school instructors the fundamentals of 3D printing and CAD design and runs hands-on classes that combine 3D printing and art.

CONTACT: scott@postmodernproduction.com